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      Vision and Values

      Our vision and values set the foundation for our organization, guide business conducts and steer the path for our future.


      To be a respected independent multi-national energy company, supplying the world’s energy needs sustainably and creating value for our shareholders, our partners and our host countries


      By year end 2025:

       Grow 2P reserves to 100 MBOE and net production to 20 kboed

       Be invested in the renewable energy space


       We are LEAN & create superior value by maximising productivity and operating efficiencies

       We are AGILE and fast in pursuit of opportunities, deliberate and prudent in our investments

       We are CLEAN and guided by the highest business ethics and professional standards

       We are ENTERPRISING and deliver innovative concepts and commercial arrangements

       We manage risk in every aspect of our business to eliminate serious events

       We operate in a responsible, safe and sustainable manner, minimise environmental impacts and support the communities where we live and work

       We invest in our people, are inclusive, value diversity and embrace learning and growth