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      Ping Petroleum is a privately held, independent upstream company, focused on shallow water offshore production and development opportunities in North Sea and Malaysia.

      1. April 2020

        Development drilling on Avalon oil development

      2. October 2019

        Execute production optimization upgrades on Anasuria Cluster

        August 2019

        Complete 2nd successful infill well on Guillemot Field

        May 2019

        Complete successful infill well on Cook Field

      3. July 2018

        Awarded 50% working interest in in partnership with Azinor on appraisal license in UK 30th Bid Round

        June 2018

        Awarded 50% working interest in partnership with Summit on exploration license in UK 30th Bid Round

        May 2018

        ? Anasuria produces over 5 mmbo since Ping acquisition
        ? Updated independent reserve audit on Anasuria by GCA. 7% increase in 2P reserves

        April 2018

        Assume operatorship (50% working interest) of Avalon development. First oil in 2020

      4. October 2017

        Assume operatorship and 100% working interest in Ranger

        August 2017

        Drilled Ranger exploration well

        May 2017

        Drilled successful appraisal well on Avalon oil discovery

        April 2017

        Complete acquisition of 50% working interest in Avalon and 20% working interest in Ranger from Summit Petroleum

      5. August 2016

        Completion of DneX’s acquisition of 30% of Ping Petroleum

        March 2016

        Successful Transfer of Anasuria Operatorship

      6. October 2015

        Open Ping Aberdeen office

        August 2015

        Signing of Anasuria SPA with Shell and Esso

      7. 2012

        Incorporation of Ping Petroleum Limited July 2012. Open Ping office in Kuala Lumpur