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      Board Of Directors

      Seasoned oil and gas leaders and entrepreneurs with successful value creation track record.

      David Roy Phillips


      Mr. Phillips is a founder of Ping Petroleum and has 40 years of experience in oil and gas business.

      Prior to founding Ping Petroleum, Roy held technical, operational and commercial roles within Exxon, BP, and Kerr McGee in Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, and North Sea. Between 2002 and 2007, Roy was Managing Director of Newfield Petroleum UK Limited, where he led the development, growth and later, divestiture of the $500 million portfolio to Centrica. Roy was then appointed CEO of Summit Petroleum from 2008 to 2010 where he led the acquisition of Oranje Nassau and sale of older assets, creating significant value to Sumitomo’s North Sea business.

      Roy was part of the Anasuria cluster negotiation team with Shell and Exxon and advisor to the Anasuria transition team; resulting in the successful transfer of Operatorship to a new entrant in UK North Sea within 8 months.

      Roy has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Salford University (UK) and a M.S. in Management Science and Operations from Warwick University (UK).

      Ning Zhang

      Chief Executive Officer

      Mr. Zhang is a founder of Ping Petroleum and has over 20 years of experience in oil and gas business.

      Prior to founding Ping Petroleum, Ning served in a number of petroleum engineering, corporate planning, risk management, commercial and asset management roles at Newfield Exploration. Ning spent six years in Malaysia and was Commercial Manager and Asset Manager for one of the largest offshore projects for Newfield; the East Piatu project, bringing on first oil within three years of PSC signing. Ning was also instrumental in capturing new Production Sharing Contracts for Newfield from PETRONAS, Malaysia’s national oil company.

      Ning led the Anasuria cluster negotiation with Shell and Exxon and subsequently led the Anasuria transition; resulting in the successful transfer of Operatorship to a new entrant in UK North Sea within 8 months.

      Ning has a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin (USA) where he was distinguished as the Leader-Scholar of the Year for the College of Engineering. He also has an M.B.A. from Rice University (USA).

      Paul Baltensperger

      Chief Operating Officer

      Mr. Baltensperger is a founder of Ping Petroleum and has over 30 years of industry experience in geophysics and geology.

      He has a proven track record in identifying opportunities and creating value through capturing and managing oil and gas assets. Prior to founding Ping Petroleum, Paul was a key member of the startup team for Apache’s Egypt operations where he helped grow the production from 3,000 barrels/day to over 100,000 barrels/day. Paul then spent ten years focusing on South East Asia for Newfield. He was Asset Manager of Newfield’s offshore operated blocks in Sarawak and was instrumental in capturing over 3tcf of gas discoveries for Newfield Malaysia. Paul has also served as New Ventures Manager, Exploration Manager and Geoscientist/Geophysicist in Newfield, Apache and Oryx Energy.

      Paul was part of the Anasuria cluster negotiation team with Shell and Exxon and led the subsurface transition team; resulting in the successful transfer of Operatorship to a new entrant in UK North Sea within 8 months.

      Paul has a B.S. in Geology and with a minor in Geophysics from New Mexico State (USA) and a M.S. in Geology from the University of Texas at Austin (USA). Paul has also published numerous technical papers throughout his career.

      Michael J. Barrett

      Non-Executive Director

      Mr. Barrett is a Non-Executive Director of Ping Petroleum and has over 35 years of banking experience in the US and South East Asia.

      Prior to joining Ping Petroleum, his most recent banking experience was Executive Director of RHB Bank and RHB Banking Group, a multi billion ringgit financial institution providing Retail, Insurance, Corporate Finance, Investment Banking, Islamic Banking and various offshore activities to millions of clients in South East Asia. He was past Chairman of MEPS (Malaysian Electronic Payment System), a Board Member of the Labuan Real Estate Bhd., Malaysian Bankers Association and various RHB inside boards.

      Prior to RHB, Michael was working in Chase Singapore as Head of Retail Banking and Senior Chase Officer. Michael has also held various positions in the US including Upstate NY Regional Executive, Bank-wide Small Business Executive, and President of Chase USA, NA, Wilmington, DE. He has an extensive background in corporate and retail credit along with human resource development and strategic planning.

      Michael has a B.S. in Economics & Business Administration from Alfred University (US) and a M.B.A. in Finance from Fordham University (US).

      Mohd Azhar Mohd Yusof

      Non-Executive Director

      Mohd Azhar Mohd Yusof is the Executive Director, Corporate Services/Risk and Compliance for Dagang NeXchange Berhad effective 1 February 2020.

      Prior to his current position, he was appointed as an Independent Non-Executive Director on 1 August 2019.

      Mohd Azhar holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Universiti Malaya and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (Finance) from MARA University of Technology.

      He has close to 20 years of experience in the field of capital markets and corporate finance where he was involved in fundraising exercise via equity and debt capital market, debt recovery, corporate restructuring and turn-around, valuation, financial modelling, financial due diligence and merger and acquisitions ("M&A").

      Mohd Azhar was previously managing his own boutique financial advisory firm based in Kuala Lumpur advising corporations and entrepreneurs in raising capitals and other corporate matters. Prior to that, he served as a Business Development Director of Dagong Malaysia Rating Services Sdn Bhd where he was responsible to manage stakeholders in building up Dagong's brand, credibility, and visibility in the market.

      Zainal Abidin Jalil

      Non-Executive Director

      Mr. Zainal Abidin is a non-executive director of Ping Petroleum and has over 25 years of oil and gas experience.

      Zainal is also the Executive Director of Dagang NeXchange Berhad ("DNeX").

      Zainal had a long career at ExxonMobil, spanning 28 years in various managerial and leadership capacities at the multinational company’s business units and operations worldwide. He has in depth knowledge of major hydrocarbon producing areas in West Africa, North America and Asia Pacific in addition to leadership experience overseeing power business in the Middle East, North Africa, South East Asia and Australia.

      He then went on to serve as Chief Executive Officer of Malakoff Corporation Berhad where he successfully spearheaded the company’s transformation into a leading international Independent Water and Power Producer (IWPP) with core businesses in power generation, water desalination and operations & maintenance services.

      Zainal graduated with a BE Civil Engineering from University of Queensland, Australia.